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 St. Mary’s Nursery & Farm OÜ is one of the most bio-diverse northern propagators of hardy magnolias and plants in the world.

It cultivates far-northern genetic materials and has expanded the current geographical boundaries to include USDA Hardiness  Zone 5.

We are members of the Magnolia Society International representing Estonia and have recently been published in their journal, Magnolia, vol. 48, Fall/ Winter 2013 article, “Magnolias   of Northern Latitudes”.

Our plants are available for sale to garden enthusiasts and wholesalers. St. Mary’s plants are developed and cultivated specifically for USDA Hardiness Zones 5 – 8.

It is our objective to extend the availability of these majestic magnolias and popular plants to geographical areas that have never before had the opportunity to be part of local gardens, homes, and properties this far north.

Planting such trees and decorative plants not only accent the beauty of your home and property, but increases their value.

Community members and neighbors will be amazed and envious of your choice of plants, their vibrancy, and beauty.

Magnolias reflect an element of sophistication and an appreciation for the finer things.

Owners are not satisfied with just the average but possess a degree of distinction.